Egon Ronay and Learning Resources of Distinction

The Norwegian “Senter for IKT i utdanningen” has recently published “Quality criteria for digital learning resources”. The document specifies guidelines for the evaluation of the quality of digital learning resources (DLR). The purpose of these criteria is to help ensure that digital learning resources used in Norwegian primary and lower secondary education are of sufficient quality.

The quality criteria are intended as guidelines for the development and evaluation of DLR. The primary application for this document is as a basis for a specification of requirements for procurement, announcing competitive tendering and funding for development projects, as well as a support for developers of DLR.

The criteria have been developed by assignment from the Ministry of Education and Research to the Directorate for Education and Training. The development of the criteria has been led by the Directorate for Education and Training, with assistance from the National Network for IT Research and Competence in Education (ITU) and the National Secretariat for Standardisation of Learning Technology (NSSL).

Althought the debate on crowd sourcing content as learning resources ratlles around  there is still a clear requirement for qualatitive differentiation on resources which have gone through a “genuine” process of review and rating

In social publishing networks people are arguing that self published content is as good as  carefully published and targeted content , and it may be so in some cases,  but just “how do you know ” that.  The argument that all teachers are good creators of content is just not plausible, if we apply the same thinking  to our views on cooks chefs and reataurants.

Not all cooks are good cooks , some cooks are very good , some are extraordinary; they  then tend to be called chefs ” ,  but I would just like to ask all involved here to consider  what Egon Ronay acheived in the world of “good food ” guidance .  At least you were certain that you would get good service and good food .

Egon Ronay  guides gained in popularity very soon after they were started  and it became a mark of distinction to be mentioned in the guides / books.

Many restaurants proudly displayed blue roundels in their window saying “EGON RONAY’S GUIDES” for each year they were listed. The guides made a point of not accepting advertising or hospitality from hotels and restaurants to ensure their impartiality.

So maybe this what we really need to do, get educational resources into a good review framework  guides and get a roundel for producing educational resources work which is of distinction and not just the norm.

The  “Norwegian Quality Criteria ” should be viewed as a an excellent starting  effort .

Rob W

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