The Smithsonian Commons will ………….

Ponder this if you will, with this claim,  ” The Smithsonian Commons will do more than enable new discoveries. It will make possible whole new fields of discovery.”

Bold statements but with the demise of  BECTA there is real danger that the UK  will lose  momentum in the enablement of ” discovery  of resources for learning” .

The Smithsonian  is showcasing  a step change digital experience, with a new learning model that helps people with their “lifelong learning journeys.” The creation of Smithsonian Commons, a new part of digital presence dedicated to stimulating learning, creation, and innovation through open access to Smithsonian research, collections and communities.

With the Aspect project due to report on federated resource collection and content packaging,  there  is a feeling, as state financial constraints start to bite,  that the UK will fall behind  and rapidly lose its place on this  developing space.

The opportunity exists for the  publishing community, together with the museums to follow the example and make good use of the hard won knowledge and resource in UK. The really difficult question is who is going to drive this ?  and then make it happen …

Vince Cable  .. step up to the plate !!!

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