SO …. What’s the Story – Digital Transmedia and The New Roads …..

This last week and over the weekend has been the post event “slog” of sorting out one day’s footage and photographic stock from one of the South East UK Classic Motorsport Events : The revived Crystal Palace Sprint on May 27th : see link @ M S A T P  2012.

Now, although this is the normal post event process / archival grind and grind it really is folks, the recent article, We have Lost Our way With Photography   in the Times by Candida Crewe on Monday 4th June caught my eye and indeed synchronizes with my own thinking  for the future. Particularly with my “not normal” alter ego ” RW The Photographer ” and very much so  with my other more normal ego, the  world of digital media and technology.

Candida Crewe asserts ” My beef is the unprecedented number of photographs, the sheer volume of which render so many as  meaningless.  Correction: not the volume itself so much as the impossibility of any of us managing to keep up with that volume.” and ” Facebook seems to mop up every indifferent splurge and splatter without any recourse to bleach or the delete button.  Get it all up and out, then you’ll feel better, seems to be the prevailing view. Whatever you’re doing, eating a sandwich, pulling a face with a mate, blinking, farting . . . it doesn’t matter, just get it out there for everyone to see, and not give a toss.

Too true, so is it the lack of “engaging narrative” which is really staring us in all in the face as photographers and where most are to be laid bare, as they leave it to others to construct a reason to look at their photographs.  Just  look at the wailing and howling which takes place at EPUK , about surviving the image Tsunami from “Joe Public” as  professional photographers.

So this is the critical thing I have been asking my Alter Ego < earnest snapperatzi > and more importantly, my normal Ego < old publisher bod > ; I have long held a view that this has been the critical stumbling block of many of my peers in the Content and eLearning development world, in that the majority of run of the mill published content is still hidebound and lacks engaging narrative.

OK, some photographers, myself included, take shelter from the Tsunami by focusing on the “THE PRINT” or try to switch to the ” THE BOOK ” via cloud based services like BLURB , but these are old publishing paradigms which for a creator are just another dusty highway along which many have journeyed and then perished.

In truth, my two digital worlds collided last week, with Candida’s article has pushing me past a tipping point. The real story is that my old world of learning publishing is waking up to the digital tsunami and recently my old work colleague, Kevin Johnson, from Boulder Colorado, VP at @ IN THE TELLING said so why aren’t you using our new tablet based  platform of ” Transmedia ” and following up on his news,  new roads suddenly appear. My good friend David Worlock, was equally surprised when he saw the capability of the ” In the Telling” software and services.

So new roads beckon to me to journey down and they are not the dusty highways of the past. I now really have no excuse , I must “do the work” < don’t talk about it , go do-it and get on the road > and get my Alter EGO writing engaging transmedia narrative and properly use my photographs to tell the stories I know.

It’s the prospect of a having a lean, easy to use cloud based service from ” In the Telling” which means I can now plan to reach out to new audiences and for the first time in a long while,  move to publish engaging transmedia visual materials.

It’s also the real challenge for all those ” professional authors ” of eNumbing educational nonsense to get their act together so we can trigger the ” learning transformation” we have been talking about for so many years.

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