About Us

Why choose RWCS

For organisations who need to understand and respond to the constant challenges of managing digital information, RWCS is a leading agency in providing informed architectural intelligence through trusted, confidential advice and consultancy.

We believe that through our respected consultative services, which we enable with our professional offerings, we are able to provide mechanisms which empower our clients. These mechanisms facilitate clients to fulfill their strategic and tactical deployment of information technologies, strengthening their business performance in their core markets.

Our Strengths

One of RWCS’s great strengths is the range of creative talent that the firm brings to “problem solving” in the world of “digital information management”. Our core staff of professional partner consultants, has a diverse range of private and public sector experience. We supplement our in-house partners capabilities with associate consultants who are recognised leading experts in their respective fields.
Our Approach

Our approach emphasises the transfer of capability and leveraging the knowledge capital in your organisation. We aim to provide full knowledge transfer to your team throughout projects and engagement so that your people become proficient faster and retain the knowledge after our work is completed.

Our Offerings

* Solution Management & Expert SME  Resource provision
* Solution Benefits Modelling & Management
* Solution Benefits Audit & Support Management
* Information Architecture & Design
* Military TMIS Technology Procurement & Management
* Throughput, Scheduling and Logistics Architectures
* eLearning, Training  and Perfomance Support Architectures
* Digital Content Strategies & Information Frameworks
* Digital Identifier & Metadata Architectures / Standards
* IP & Licensing Architectures
* Single Source Content Architecture