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Egon Ronay and Learning Resources of Distinction

So maybe this what we really need to do, get educational resources into a good review framework guides and get a roundel for producing educational resources work which is of distinction and not just the norm …. Continue reading

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Graham’s Blog

Graham Sadd’s Thought for the day via Graham’s Blog.

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Henry Stewart DAM Conference

Rob Wilson  @ Henry Stewart DAM Event A 100+ delegates attended DAM UK 2010, the second in an annual multi-conference global series on Digital Asset Management (DAM) from Henry Stewart Events, held June 30 in London. DAM UK 2010 highlighted … Continue reading

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Digital IDs

DIGITAL IDENTIFIERS Digital Identity : The Need for Digital Identifiers Identity in the digital age Identifiers are everywhere – we use them all the time without being conscious of their role. Some are more obviously identifiers than others (like the … Continue reading

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