29th March 2016


RWCS attends and submits  a technical / services response to new UK MOD requirement for future DEMs provision at the RSME DEMS Regiment at Bicester / Kineton.

RWCS have recenly been involved in the attendance and then response to UK MOD future requirement for a newly announced program to consolidate and optimise DEMS TR in order to achieve greater efficiencies and effectiveness for Defence in the OED and IEDD marketplace.

MOD are seeking to create new  training transformation for DEMS to :-

  1. Provide early access to unrestricted course resources and materials.
  2. roll out increased use of simulation.
  3. Achive increased contact time, better learning outcomes.
  4. Achieve increased throughput and efficiency
  5. use of 3D modelling.
  6. use of virtual Technologies.

Rob Wilson commented: “RWCS  has accumulated a critical  amount of knowledge and know-how over the last 15  years in MOD TMIS operations and project management..

We therfore submitted a response to the request by MOD and will be tracking this DEMS development over the coming months.  We beleive that RWCS  has critical resources  avialable to supply  to this emerging requitrment and we look forward to continued engagement into the future.


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