Our Services

RWCS  professional consultative and training services brings internationally renowned and independent expertise. We offer a wide array of consultative services to organisations across a range of business sectors.

Our technical and business consultants take the time to learn about your business drivers for change and then assist you in implementing the strategy, design and delivery of your chosen solution.

Our disciplines range from :-

  • Information Architecture
  • Digital Identification Architecture
  • eLearning & Course ware Development
  • Benefits Management Consultancy
  • Change Management Support
  • Knowledge Management

Our consultancy and services network have been created over the last 16 years & now extend internationally to include direct contact with many of the leading authorities, content agencies and technology vendors. We often provide training and adoption guidance services to clients,  particularly in the critical support area requirements, specification and benefits / value realisation of  complex  MIS & IT Solutions

As such, all RWCS services are underpinned with an experienced and developed understanding of the “ real benefits/ knowledge seeking process ” of managing information as knowledge rather than technology driven expansion of an organisation’s Information Technology infrastructure. We focus on the realisation  of technology being deployed effectively to create true business value

By fully understanding your business processes we can help minimise the impact that these projects can have on your MIS and Business infrastructure.  We can manage in part or completely  support the roll-out of  business critical projects, within agreed time lines, ensuring schedules and deliverables are achieved.

For further information and assistance please contact

Robin Wilson


+44 (0)1403 865 712