Digital iD and Data Manifold Services

These specialised digital architecture toools and application  comprises of a range of internet enabled asp services with expert configuration / resource support. The ASP facility provides the set-up, extension and delivery of persistent Digital iDs with active data manifolds: providing persistent identification, web content resolution and other critical meta information webservices. Identifiers can be associated with almost anything, but the two main types of items that are considered are:

  • digital content assets / objects used across communities
  • the metadata / workflow  associated with such information objects

Using the advanced features of the RWCS ID & Handle Manifold Service  companies can now easily create the critical persistent iD look up service with workflow which homogenises the acquisition and utilisation of metadata and resource from disparate information systems, utilities and federated information repositories

Creating Digital iDs with active data manifolds and then using them dynamically to identify and persistently service your digital resources and metadata, not only improves the reliability, discoverability of the information across and within databases; It also creates powerful externalised dynamic and active information citation distribution opportunities.  The RWCS ID Manifold technology actively enables wider resource discovery, resolving critical Webservices such as permissions, copyright and multi resolution / linking of other associated information.

Critical Issues and Attributes where iDs and Data Manifolds are crucial

Existence of Market Space Existence of Content  intermediaries Complex Process of Information Exchange
Large Information Audience Large volume of content in multiple locations High requirement for accurate information Satellite to hub content information
Metadata Collection &
Meta Standards models & elements  Metadata exchange

iD and Data Manifold creation & servicing cycle