Benefits and Value Management

Why RWCS Ltd

RWCS Ltd and its pool of associates has a successful track record of working with organisations,  improving the performance of IT & MIS projects by the application of its Benefits and Value Management Causal Methodology .

How we deliver professional services

Our professional services are driven by a real passion for the value  of Benefits and Value Management. Our expertise pool and the resources we use with our delegates are engaging, relevant and importantly,  designed to enable professionals to discover the learning points for themselves. RWCS has worked extensively on this practice and recommended support to produce industry leading capability.

All of our Benefits and Value Management services are specifically designed to provide practical  knowledge & skills  to develop your  own in house ” Benefits and Value Management ”  capability .

BVM cycle-1

We focus on the application of the industry standard BVM framework  [ as above ]  with specialised  RWCS causal modelling methods.

RWCS BVM model-1

RWCS Causal Model  

Core Activity : Application Value Management

Value – Enhanced Transformational Change

As information technology ages it generally becomes more costly to maintain, and less flexible to operate and integrate. Budget pressures to asset-sweat and minimise operational costs are essentially borrowing from the future and can lead to a maintenance debt that eventually needs to be paid back through reactive, disruptive and expensive end-of-live technology updates.

New technologies create opportunities for both new capabilities and significant operational benefits and costs savings, but – without a systematic approach to value determination and project justification – these often succumb to the aforementioned budget pressures and other ‘priorities’.

The challenge comes in mapping your organisation’s technology needs to what is currently available, and to make the right decisions about what adds most value (where to make investment), what you must tolerate (but at lower costs), what can be migrated or re-platformed (to cloud for example), and what has no further value and should be eliminated (along with its costs).

Application Value Management provides organisations with a clearer and more complete understanding of the value proposition of each application. It structures and evaluates the responses to the important questions: Is the existence of this application aligned with organisation strategy?

Does it meet current functional requirements?

Does its functionality overall with other systems? What does it cost to operate and maintain?


• Value-based alignment of application portfolio with strategy
• Identification of functional duplication and waste
• Consistent information and decision support


• System specification, selection and/or upgrade
• Application and/or Infrastructure end-of-life
• Data storage and a management
• Public cloud evaluation and planning
• Technology transformation programmes

Our services are delivered in a number of ways


An RWCS Application Value Management Consultant will guide and support you through the processes of first establishing and Application Value Management Framework for you organisation, working with technology stakeholders and application owners to understand an apply the framework and, ultimately, to deliver value-enhanced transformational change.


By delivering well aligned professional ” Benefits and Value Management” training via 1/2 day and 3 day Course Programmes . In addition to the actual course programmes, delegates attending the 3 days course can also be provided with an ” extend & guide ” service of mentoring support for period of 20 days after < training output >

Active Learning : by engaging RWCS consultative ” Benefits and Value Management” resource to dynamically provide ” active learning” engagement, where we work alongside you with your client facing consultants in dynamic customer facing situations. < applied output >

Key Advantage

In today’s highly competitive environment, applying / using well designed Benefits Management  and Value Engineering frameworks with proven methodology,  enables companies to develop the ability of in house capability, as an important part for ensuring continuing operational success.

Experience has shown that the return on investment from adopting Benefits and Value Management approaches and methods makes it one of, if not the most effective ways to develop performance of complex IT & MIS programmes.

In additional research continues to demonstrate that the vast majority of programme management and consultative professional have much greater scope for a great deal of ongoing support & development. Therefore no matter how experienced the person, there is still a great opportunity to develop their skills further to become more effective.

That is what RWCS Benefits and Value Management training courses and its support services are designed to do. There is always an experienced professional on hand to help, at whatever stage of experience, where support is required.

Appropriate  training can be one of the most cost effective ways to improving profitability of a business involved in complex deployment of IT & MIS services .

Information and Contact

If you would like to discuss your requirements or any indeed aspect of Benefits and Value Management training, please use the contact details provided on the website.

Please see our current Benefits and Value Management course catalogue for further details and costs on the website.

We are happy to discuss these details whilst respecting client confidentiality. We are confident that we can help make a tangible impact to the performance of your customer facing executives consultant team.

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