Active Learning : Extension and Support Services

Mentoring Support : Extend and Guide Staff Members remotely

Companies  can opt to enrol staff on an RWCS “Extend & Guide ” nentoring service from RWCS commercial support.  This service provides mentoring support from one of RWCS’s Benefits Management experts via web conferencing email or telephone.  Additional custom support programmes can be created: please call to discuss your requirements as needed

cost per delegate contact : £50+vat per contact support hour

Active Learning with direct Consultancy Support:

RWCS Consultancy support service specifically  provide “active learning” engagement for delegates who may wish to have the active support of RWCS skilled practitioners working with them on key projects.

This kind of consultant engagement is recommended for critical business value programmes which need to be improved, accelerated and / or  the risk of business delivery failure reduced.

Deployment of  “expert”  consultants is normally are found at a critical customer programme points:  where the additional advantage of RWCS skill and best practice can be brought to bear. We work alongside you with your client facing consultants in dynamic customer facing situations.

Cost per RWCS Consultant  £1000+vat per day

Note that service is charged at our normal  commercial management consultant rates plus T&E  as incurred expenses